I made Large Diamond for Big Art 2021 at the Hembrugterrein, Zaandam. It consists of 183 diamond-shaped pieces of special reflective acrylic material. They are suspended from six aluminium frames, that can rotate with respect to each other. The diamonds also rotate on their own axis. The work contains about 500 meters of steel cable. With a height of 14m (7,5m for the diamond shape alone) it dominates this enormous hall.
A small rotation in the diamonds causes light to fall through them and reflect in a completely different way. There is a motor which gives a periodic push and causes the frames and diamonds to rotate. The shapes are light enough to rotate just from a draft in the space. It is always in motion, sparkling, engaging the viewer.
Motive #15 (Large Diamond)
approx. 14 x 4,2 x 4,2 m
Photography: Pierre Banoori, Jacqueline Fuijkschot, Almichael Fraay

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