Three discs with primary colour combinations (Yellow/Blue; Magenta/Green; Cyan/Red) represent the additive (R/G/B) and subtractive (C/M/Y) colour mixing systems.
And two acrylic discs with a microprism structure that reflects or refracts light rays, depending on viewing angle and light conditions. In the optical interactions between the overlapping discs we  see shapes and forms that do not really exist, and moiré patterns from the interacting colour grids.
In contrast with previous motives, this one is intended to be viewed from the top - 'living' on the floor rather than on the ceiling. When moving, the work and its array of optical elements create complex visual patterns, that extend into the surrounding space.
Primaries (2020)
250 x 200 x 200 cm
Photos and video by Freerk Wilbers

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