Spinning discs project coloured shadows and reflections.
This motive is made from coloured acrylic discs, hung from steel strings and bars. Rotational inertias, string diameter, string length and other physical parameters are specifically tuned to make this mechanism work. The goal of the tuning was to make the discs spin using only a timed 'push' from the single motor at the top. It's a little like pushing someone sitting on a swing. The swing keeps its own rhythm if you push at the right time.

Installation views of motive #2 (spinning coloured discs) in my exhibition Motives/Motifs in Guangzhou, CN. Video by Freerk Wilbers.

Motive #2: Spinning coloured discs
Each 150 x 150 x 150 cm
Photos by Will Lee 李伟. Video by Freerk Wilbers.

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