‘Orange column’ is a chain of identical modules. Motion travels through the column in waves, whereby each link in the chain influences the next. Each module in the column is connected to the next by steel cables that function as springs. As the discs rotate with respect to one another, the springs are wound up, storing up energy. As the spring is unwound, energy is released, setting the next module in motion. This is how motion is transferred, with a delay, from one module to the next.
The orange modules are birch plywood circles or discs, finished in a bright orange RAL colour. In order to get them exactly level, each module rotates on an off-centre axis and was hand-balanced before assembly.
The holes or eyes in the discs form a pattern from top to bottom. Sometimes the eyes line up, sometimes not. Light falls through the eyes, from one onto the other, and a dynamic interplay of light and shadow results.
Motive #13 (Orange column)
495 x 60 x 60 cm
Photography: Freerk Wilbers
Videography: Koen Kievits

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