‘Diamond’ is made from an acrylic material with special optical properties, that turn the work into something like a lens. The work keeps turning in on itself, reflecting, breaking up, and distorting whatever is behind it and around it. Moving flecks of light and colour shimmer on walls, ceiling and floor, illuminating the room with a glimmering, watery play of light. When the work is hit by beams of sunlight, every moving fleck turns into a little rainbow.
The name Diamond refers to the crystalline appearance of the work, and also to its geometric shape. The diamond is made up out of 64 circular acrylic discs, suspended on strings. They are grouped in four concentric rings. Four discs make up the center, eighteen discs are in the first ring, twenty-four are in the second, and eighteen are in the third, outer ring.  Each ring is supported by a spidery aluminium frame, and these are in turn suspended from one another with steel cables. Each cable functions as a spring that is wound and unwound, as in a clockwork movement, and it is their precise properties that determine the character of the work’s movement.
The discs are very light and any current of air in the room directly influences the way they move. By moving, breathing, or simply radiating heat, you are stirring the air and changing the configuration of the artwork.
Looking at ‘Diamond’ is like looking into a vortex or a whirlpool.
Motive #11 (Diamond)
240 x 138 x 138 cm
Photography: Freerk Wilbers
Videography: Koen Kievits

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