My work departs from things I see, find, do. In and around the studio, at home, on the street. I like an unspectacular spectacle, functionality without function. I'm a practical person. The works sometimes arise as a solution to a problem but in the end do not solve any problem. The work is the result of following a process rather than carrying out a plan. I believe in chance and accidents. I also believe in counting things, moving to a rhythm, and structuring. I believe in doing things well for their own sake. I like succes but sometimes failure is better. Unfinished can be finished too and sometimes the work is what you were not trying to do. I would say my work is largely about itself and contains a large amount of ‘maybe’: options, possibilities, daydreams.
I have degrees in fine art (BA KABK The Hague, 2017) and mechanical engineering (MSc TU Delft, 2008).
"Nieuwsgierigheid naar meer werk wordt gewekt", 1 Dec 2017, Antonie den Ridder, De Gelderlander
Freerk Wilbers' Fountain, Lotte van Geijn, KLEI Keramiek magazine
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