In my practice I unite my engineering career and interest in physics, science and the natural world, with a delight in discovering and exploring that same world through art.
In 2020 I had a solo exhibition in Guangzhou, China following a 3-month residency, and exhibited a commissioned installation during Art Rotterdam Week 2020 at The New Current. For these activities I received project grants from CBK Rotterdam. In previous years I have exhibited, among others, at NEST in The Hague (twice) and at Gallery Wit in Wageningen.
I initially studied mechanical engineering at TU Delft (graduating with a MSc in 2008), because it was broad, challenging, and I enjoyed the natural sciences and maths. I ended up, among others, doing a fantastic 6-month internship at Ishiguro robotics lab in Osaka, Japan, writing scientific papers and going to conferences and international meetings, and working more than a year at the TU Delft Biorobotics lab commercialising robotic arms and manipulators.
After that, I worked at a boutique consulting firm in the infrastructure business, for about five years. While working there, I resumed my art practice and finally applied to the Royal Academy in The Hague (KABK) where I graduated with a BA in Fine Art in 2017.

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