Freerk Wilbers (1982) is a visual artist from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His work usually involves movement of some kind and he is currently very interested in the role of chance and the interaction with the laws of nature. He has degrees in fine art (The Hague, 2017) and mechanical engineering (Delft, 2007).
“ I’m a studio-based artist. I work intuitively, starting from the materials and playing around with these. A lot of my ideas come from handling materials while working. At the same time I have to be quite structured and rational to solve the technical challenges involved. My works slowly evolve; they are often quite different from my original idea. I like that; it shows that ‘something happened’ in between.
A theme for me recently is sound. Sound or maybe rhythm, that evolves from the behaviour of the materials and the laws of nature, is something I am very interested in. More generally I’m interested in motion, movement. Not in a from-A-to-B kind of way, but more in a circular way. The kind you might find in nature. I like waves on water and how they reflect sunlight, or how the wind blows through the leaves of a tree. Always the same but never the same. Many of the works are quite straightforward; you can more or less see how they work. Often I think the simpler a work manages to be, the better it is. ”

"Nieuwsgierigheid naar meer werk wordt gewekt", 1 Dec 2017, Antonie den Ridder, De Gelderlander
Freerk Wilbers' Fountain, Lotte van Geijn, KLEI Keramiek magazine
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