Orbits is a commissioned piece for the ING Art Collection. It was especially made for the newly renovated office of ING Bank in Zaandam. The chosen site was the main staircase that connects the ground floor and the first floor. This allows you to see the moving work from multiple angles as you approach and ascend or descend the stairs.
The work consists of twelve brightly coloured aluminium discs, on three steel cables. Each disc has two colors, one on each side, and there are three colours in total. As the work slowly turns, the discs also gently turn in space, appearing, almost disappearing (when viewed from the side!) and changing color. Like confetti in slow motion.
We aimed for a calm, meditative work, that doesn't get in the way of the serious business of banking but adds an element of surprise and joy into every working day.
Motive #16 (Orbits)
approx. 7,8 x 1,0 x 1,0 meters
Photography: Freerk Wilbers

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