Inclined Plane (Mirror/Pink) was especially commissioned for this private residence. The high ceilings, over 5m, provide the perfect setting for this ceiling based work.
The elements in Inclined Plane are arranged in four concentric rings. The circles within a ring are all on the same plane, which in turn is angled from vertical. The elements are arranged in a circle, but at an angle to horizontal, meaning the frames above are elliptical.
Each circle element is laser-cut from stainless steel, mirror polished, and an industrial coat of paint is applied on the other side. As the elements move and turn they pick up and reflect their environment, casting light into unexpected corners of the room and producing an always-changing composition.
The title 'Inclined Plane' refers of course to the angled plane that is a core element of the work, but more importantly to the vocabulary of school physics exercises. These deal with all sorts of idealized mathematical constructs that do not exist in reality. Inclined Plane is a fantasy of perfection. A perfect dream of idealized masses forever orbiting each other in calculable orbits. Luckily, in the real world, it is not quite perfect.
Inclined Plane (Mirror/Pink)
230 x 166 x 144 cm

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