‘Mirror column’ is a constantly turning vertical arrangement of balanced mirrors, that functions as a kind of lighthouse. Reflected circles of light pan around the space like searchlights, gliding over floor, walls and ceiling, illuminating details or striking the corner of your eye. Shadows of circles and reflections of circles travel on the same path and sometimes exactly overlap.
The work is made with large circular mirrors, painted on one side and reflective on the other. They are arranged in an alternating fashion, front-back-front-and so on as you go down. Each is balanced with a spherical steel counterweight at the other end of the rod.
‘Mirror column’ shows the viewer glimpses of themself and the space that surrounds them, but denies them a complete, or lasting, picture. Brief moments when the view through the mirror exactly lines up with its background, disappear as soon as they are experienced. The work provides a different way of experiencing a space, in flux, framing details that are usually not consciously seen.
Motive #14 (Mirror column)
495 x 104 x 104 cm
Photography: Freerk Wilbers
Videography: Koen Kievits

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