"Moving" was shown as a solo exhibition at Root Gallery in Rotterdam, NL in spring 2021. It consisted of five works made specifically for the location.
"Freerk creates kinetic artworks and light installations from experimental research into materials, movement and mechanics. In his work he is always looking for rhythms, in image, sound, time and space. Yet, the dynamics between the moving parts are not programmed or controlled. Rather his work is ‘aleatoric’, based in chance, meaning he has no full control over what happens. His works share an element of renewal, a sense of unpredictability that follows automatically from the interactions between the laws of physics that operate on all parts.
In the exhibition ‘Moving’ the size, height and lighting conditions of the gallery space make for a soothing sensory experience in which the different installations form a complex whole. The physical sculpture and its projections of light into space intersect and the boundaries between the individual shapes and forms seem to disappear."
"Motive (noun): a reason for doing something; a motif in art, literature, or music; Motive (adjective): producing physical or mechanical motion; causing or being the reason for something” (Oxford English Dictionary). These different meanings have a surprisingly fitting relation to my work.
What’s my reason for doing this work? I often think of Bruce Nauman’s elusive response to a similar question: ‘to keep myself busy’. I think the point of making the works is in the making: finding new answers to new problems, finding out what’s next. That’s my motive.
A ‘motif’ is a recurring theme, idea or design in a work. It is often a musical notion; referring to rhythm, repetition, a recognisable recurring phrase or melody. Some days I keep counting steps or beats – one, two, three, four and so on. Endless circles. That’s also what the work is about.
The works are also ‘motive’, that is, they ‘produce physical or mechanical motion’. Seeing inanimate objects brought to life, moving seemingly of their own accord, is fascinating. Making these machines is what moves me. Perhaps the moving works, in turn, will set the viewer in motion.
All Motives share a common form of locomotion: once in a while they receive a push from an electric motor on the ceiling, that sets them rotating. From this simple starting point, different expressions of movement, light and shadow emerge.
Tips for viewing the work:
● Move around and see the works from different angles
● Sit down and watch a work for a while
● Come back a little later and see what changed
● If you have the chance, see the works in different light: in the morning sun, on a rainy overcast day, in a glowing sunset, or spotlighted at night

Solo Freerk Wilbers
Root Gallery, Rotterdam NL
Photography: Sophie de Vos (#1, 2, 3), Freerk Wilbers (#4, 5, 6, 7)
Videography: Koen Kievits

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