This work originated from a preoccupation with ‘what to paint’, i.e. the choice of subject. I was trying to find a way to make this choice less arbitrary and more based on necessity than it was up to that point. I ended up with patterns, and thinking about wallpaper. I approached wallpaper design as painting or printmaking, using for instance fresh flowers dipped in paint as a stamp, but also patterns I would find in other places, such as an exercise mat that I used for relief printing. For other designs, I made some ‘tools’ for instance to make a striped pattern with coloured felt tip markers. I bundled the designs in a book, creating a wallpaper catalogue, and a record of the work and process. Part of the idea of the catalogue at the time was that you could order these designs from me, and I would reproduce one in a location of your choosing, as a sort of performance. During the making of the book I made a few wallpaper installations in rooms to experience them ‘in situ’. I then photographed the spaces and reinserted these into the wallpaper catalogue.
For the installation below, I installed one of the designs on the walls in this corridor, and added some furniture.
Wallpaper, 2016
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