The idea of tubes fascinated me after Fountain. I worked with PVC tubes and connectors from hardware stores, for instance turning them into periscopes by adding mirrors in the ‘elbow’ joints. At the same time I was thinking about ‘space’ - the cosmos - and about planets moving through space. It seemed that their tracks are related to moving through tubes. Also I thought that the ‘ball’ shape of a planet is the formal opposite of the ‘hole’ cross section of a tube. This led to the desire to make a sort of planetarium; a circular-movement device with planets that follow their tracks through space. I thought of a ‘mobile’ type arrangement, where balls would be suspended from crossbeams; balls of different masses exactly balanced by different lengths for the crossbeams. With several of these cascaded I ended up with five planets in total. The planets were balls of wood, hand turned on a wood lathe. The arrangement is driven by a single motor that reverses direction once a minute, creating complex and unpredictable patterns in the orbits of the wooden balls.
Space, 2018
Photos by Christine Saalfeld
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