De Winkel / The Shop started with my brother and I fantasising about starting a business together. He'd always wanted a shop. It would sell all kinds of things that were either made or bought, but it would also need all kinds of things made for itself, like furniture, and it would be a great space to just hang out in and chat with customers.
We built it together in my studio as a kind of theatre stage that filled out exactly the space that was allotted to me in the shared studio space at the academy.
Then I started trying to invent products for the shop. This meant I had to work inside the shop (since it was occupying all of my studio space) and receive my guests there too. I was truly a working shop owner. In this period I became interested in wrapping paper. I also made a self portrait, which was the shop's only real product to date.
Finally I got tired of the shop and symbolically closed it by filling it to the brim with cardboard boxes.
Self Portrait, 2016
15 x 20 cm
Paper, ink, my body
De Winkel is dicht / The Shop is closed, 2016
250 x 300 x 300 cm
Various materials and empty cardboard boxes
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